Industry Catalog

  • Hydraulic oils – are used for lubrication and energy transmission in hydraulic systems. Theyare made from a blend of selected and carefully refined high-quality base stocks and specialadditives providing outstanding oxidation stability, anti-wear and EP properties, rust andcorrosion protection, low deposit formation, good anti-foam, and fast air release ability.Available in wide range of ISO grades from 15 to 150.
  • Gear oils – are specially designed for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes, they containhighly effective anti-wear and EP additives in order to be resistant to high load application,as well as demulsifies, anti-oxidation, anti-foaming and anti-corrosion additives. Available inwide range of ISO grades from 68 to 1000.
  • Multipurpose greases – are made up of excellent base oils and such thickeners like lithium
    and lithium complex soap. They are suitable for lubrication of plain and roller bearings, joints,
    splines and slides up to 130°C (180°C for complex greases), don’t leak under the
    gravitational and centrifugal forces, protect elements against wear, scuffing, corrosion, water
    and dust penetration, improve unit sealing.
  • Metalworking fluids are water miscible emulsions and hydrophobic oils designed forcooling, lubrication and cleaning of the tool, chip and workpiece with the improvement of thequality of the workpiece surface finish and tool service life increasing, lubrication of slidingpoints, rust and corrosion prevention while maintaining the health of the user.
  • Thermal oils are the products used for heat transfer in secondary or indirect heatingsystems with very high thermal and oxidation stability, low vapor pressure and depositformation tendency.
  • Mineral and synthetic compressor oils based on ashless additive package are thelubricants with very high oxidation stability used for the lubrication, cooling and sealing ofreciprocating and piston air compressors.
  • Refrigeration oils based on premium naphthenic and fully synthetic POE (polyol ester)fluids were developed to be chemically and thermally stable, miscible and compatible withappropriate refrigerants and show excellent low-temperature behavior.
  • Concrete release agents are the mold oils intended to ease concrete separation fromcasting molds even at high temperatures and to improve the surface quality of the finishedproduct.
  • PT cleaners – a range of water- and solvent-based detergents that quickly and efficientlyremove sludge, varnish deposits, oil and grease residues from different types ofsurface/material.
  • Rubber oils are process agents used for rubber industry. They contain mixture of mineraloils compatible with most rubber polymers and help to achieve desired rubber properties likeplasticity and flexibility.
  • Food grade oils are pure white oils without taste and odor, have high oxidation stability,meet the requirements of all international pharmacopeias, and are approved for use in directfood contact.
  • Corrosion preventives are solvent-based and oil compounds that provide a protective filmon metallic surfaces, displace water and humidity and protect from rust and corrosionformation.