About Us

For over seven decades, Delkol has been catering to a wide variety of needs, including in for vehicles, trains, ships, planes and industrial plants, both nationwide and worldwide.

Our Story

Delkol is the oldest, most experienced and professional company in Israel in the development & production of vehicle and industrial oils and lubricants. Delkol’s products have been in product and for sale in Israel and worldwide for many, many years.

Business Vision

Delkol functions as a beacon of quality in terms of production and development of oils, greases, and related products.

Delkol practices fairness and openness when interacting with clients and vendors, providing quality and professional service.

Delkol aims to strengthen global perception about the quality of Israeli-made products, and the service and interaction with an Israeli manufacturer.

Who we are

Dayan Group, a Delkol co-owner, retained full ownership in 2012 and has since been a reliable and experienced business partner, demonstrating financial strength and a proven capability to penetrate new international markets and create winning products.


Why Us?

We are committed to provide our clients with an edge, innovation, professionalism, and fairness, with kind and high-quality customer service, toward a long-term beneficial partnership.