Why Us?

Operating in the automotive industry? We are Israel’s leading manufacturer and supplier of oils and accessories for all vehicle types. Delkol provides its clients with an enormous selection of products for regular treatments: oils, coolants, grease, lifts, work tools, etc.

Our Story

Leaders in Innovation

Delkol marches forward toward innovation and green practices in terms of product development. We aim to manufacture the industry’s most advanced and innovative products.

Senior and Stable

With global presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Delkol’s lubricants have been distributed nationwide and worldwide for dozens of years with impressive success.

Development Capabilities

As Israel’s leading lubricant manufacturer, Delkol’s products comply with the strictest API and ACEA quality standards

Israeli Production

Our development and factory center is located here in Israel. As a long-standing company, we feel privileged to export our products from Israel to the entire world.

Our Advantages

Wide selection of oils for any need and vehicle type

Innovative oils for hybrid vehicles

Official certification of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers

Compliant with strict ACEA and API standards

Variety of related products: coolants, greases, additives, and others.

Full partnership with Petrotech Company to supply garage equipment: scanners, gas machines, lifts, tools, etc.

Agents provide personal and professional service; assistance provided by professionals

Rapid supply