corporate respnsibility

Reliability – Delkol produces top quality oils, lubricants and sophisticated formulations within a certified quality management program, under comprehensive lab tests. We are the first Israeli lubricant manufacturer to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Quality Accreditation.

Quality – our facilities meet the highest standards of manufacturing, storage and distribution and we closely monitor all stages of production.  Most of Delkol’s laboratory equipment is fully automated.

Dedication – we are dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges of reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Sustainability – Delkol has made vast investments in pollution control and environmental protection. We care about our planet and continually devote resources to creating sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions in lubricants and fluids. These include several facilities for waste management.

Responsibility – responsible behavior and accountability towards nature and the environment are at the heart of our values. 

Safety – we comply with environmental health legislation and operate within the strictest of national and international safety standards. Delkol has won several local awards for our efforts to provide clean and safe products.