Some Facts About Synthetic Oil

What types of engine oil are there?

There are three main types of oil – conventional, synthetic and synthetic blend. Conventional and synthetic oils begin in the ground. But that’s where the similarities end. Conventional oil is essentially crude oil. Synthetic oils are further refined, distilled, purified and broken down to their base molecules through a complex chemical engineering process that increases the oil purity. Synthetic blend oil is a blend of full synthetic oil and conventional oil.
In short, what exactly are the benefits of synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil typically outperforms conventional motor oil in offering a variety of benefits including:

Better wear control
Better viscosity
Better performance in extreme temperature conditions
Better waste control
Better fuel economy
Longer drain intervals

And in a more detailed manner?

Synthetic oil is more than just oil: it is a more efficient alternative to conventional oil that provides maximum performance and protection.
Better wear control – synthetic oils are resistant to breakdowns and last longer. Thus, they minimize overall wear and tear of engine parts and increase engine life
Better Viscosity – synthetic oils maintain a more consistent viscosity.
Better performance in extreme temperature conditions –synthetic oils offer protection and improved stability across extreme temperatures; they don’t thin out when they get hot or thicken when exposed to low-temperatures
Better Waste Control – synthetic oils don’t contain unwanted contaminants. They reduce oil waste, emissions, sludge formation or accumulation and evaporative loss and contribute to a cleaner engine and environment.
Better fuel economy – synthetic oils reduce friction for improved fuel consumption.
Longer drain intervals – When using synthetic oil, the drain interval can be extended up to four times longer than conventional oil. Fewer oil changes ultimately save time and money.

The Bottom Line

When buying oil for your car, the best thing you can do is follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. The wrong oil can cause an engine breakdown, so it pays off to check. If you have the option to choose between synthetic and conventional oil, ask for our expert’s advice.