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  • 800-gr
  • 4-kg
  • 16-kg
  • Drum

GREASE P2-G  based on lithium soap and excellent  base oil. This  high quality  product resistant to high temperatures, stress, wear and abrasion. Suitable for general lubrication and working   temperatures   up to 130 0C.

GREASE P2-G contains an moly-graphite additive for emergency lubrication in cases where the grease is being squeezed out from the meatal surfaces. The grease has also  excellent oxidation,mechanical stability and good protection against corrosion.

HM2 contains moly (MoS2) additive. provides excellent performance under extreme pressure, boundary lubrication conditions.Also for emergency lubrication.


Our products are produced according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Accreditation

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