Our Story

Comprehensive Knowledge. Unmatched Expertise.

Delkol has experience of more than six decades in developing, manufacturing and delivering a complete line of outstanding lubricants, oils, additives, intermediates, unique petroleum products and other fluids that are suitable for nearly every automotive and industrial application.

Local Market Specialist. Global Market Leader.

Delkol is a subsidiary of The Delek Group, Israel’s leading fuel company, a dominant integrated energy company. From its founding in 1951, as a small Israeli fuel company, through its development into an independent global oil, gas and energy operation – Delek has strived continuously to place Israel on the global energy map. Delek Group’s recent discoveries of natural gas reserves in Israel’s coastal waters have created a new strategic reality in the Middle East. In addition, Delek Group has a number of assets in downstream energy, in water desalination, and in the finance sector.


Delek Fuel Stations. Enjoy the Ride

Delek Fuel Service Stations are strategically located across Israel. At any central road and near every city and town – our filling stations are on the way, wherever you’re going, 364 days a year. When you buy your fuel, look out for our Menta convenience stores – a fresh alternative to shop on the go: Café Jo’s cold refreshing beverages, quality barista coffee, fresh gourmet sandwiches and pastries or other daily necessities such as wireless internet, ATMs and more, all in one place. If you pull up to fuel up, try our friendly car care services: fast carwash, reliable tires exchange, comprehensive lubrication services and quality accessories.

First Class. Quality Standards.

The quality of our lubricants and oils complies with the highest quality standards of API and ACEA specifications. We are the first Israeli lubricant manufacturer to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Accreditation.

Socially Responsible. Environmentally Safe

We care about our planet and continually invest in producing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions in lubricants and fluids. We have won several local awards for our efforts to provide clean and safe products. We are the first Israeli lubricant manufacturer to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Quality Accreditation.