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What's the difference between mineral oil and synthetic oil?

The main difference is the quality of the oil, that is reflected in performance and price.
Mineral oil is produced from crude petroleum and contains materials that increase its viscosity at high temperatures.
Synthetic oil is regarded as the highest quality oil. It retains its characteristics even at very high and very low temperatures and for a longer time.

What is semi-synthetic oil?

Just as its name says. It’s a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil, that upgrades the mineral oil, and offers some of the advantages of synthetic oil, at a lower cost.

Is it preferable to use synthetic oil?

Yes. Although the price of synthetic oil is higher, it is more stable and less volatile. Fuel savings and the long life of the engine will return the financial investment.

Is it possible to mix them?

No. Mixing different types of oil is not recommended. It won’t cause damage, but the characteristics of the mixture will be influenced by its lowest quality component.