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My oil is becoming dark. Does this mean that it's spoiled?

No. It means that it is functioning properly. One of the main functions of engine oil is to clean combustion products, mainly soot, that are produced when the engine is running. The build-up of these materials in the oil causes it to darken. In other words if the oil is functioning properly it darkens within a short time. If the oil does not change its color to black, it’s probably not doing its job.

Do oils have an expiry date? If not, how long can they keep?

In general, expiry dates do not appear on oil containers, but when they are stored under optimal conditions engine oils remain serviceable for a long time and they may be used as long as the API classification label on the container is still relevant. It is recommended only to shake the container before use.

Are oils liable to spoil or become dirty?

Yes, certainly. However, regular changes of engine oil will prevent problems liable to be caused by this.

What is the best way to store oils?

In a place protected against rain, direct sunlight, high temperatures, dust, and sand. Only keep the amount required for the next few months − you need not keep a stock. However, if you have several oil containers, make sure to use the oldest before opening the newest (first in, first out). Make sure that the labels don’t fall off the containers.

Is it possible to recycle oil?

It’s better not to do so. Oil recycling using a process that is not technologically controlled is liable to create a product that is unsuitable for use in accordance with the required standards.